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What is Wall Putty?

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What is Wall Putty ?

What is Wall Putty and its benefit.
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Wall Putty is used to give a fresh, even, and strong finish to the wall before painting the walls. The wall putty is made using White Cement added with polymers and additives. The polymers and additives are added to give white cement additional flexibility, bonding strength, and to some extent waterproofing properties. For a better understanding of what is wall putty, keep reading this informative blog article.

What is Wall Putty video in Hindi

The advanced option in Wall Putty is the Acrylic Wall Putty. The Acrylic Wall Putty can be used indoors only. The Acrylic Wall Putty are available in ready to use form. The Acrylic Wall Putty is available in paste form. While knowing what is wall putty, we have also touched, what is acrylic wall putty.

The other option is White Cement base wall putty. The White Cement base wall putty comes in powder form. The paste of white cement base putty is created by adding water to it.

Wall Putty provides a protective smooth surface to your wall. The end result of paint on wall can improve a lot, if Wall Putty has been applied on the wall.

To make it easier to understand. Let us put this in the form of advantages and disadvantages of using Wall Putty on Walls. The pointers of advantages and disadvantages will make it easier to understand, what is wall putty.

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Advantages of Wall Putty

  • Gives an even and smooth finish to the walls.
  • Gives additional layer and strength to the walls.
  • Repairs and levels almost all major and minor defects of the wall.
  • Improves the finish of paint on the walls.
  • Saves on paint cost. Paint consumption is less when wall putty and primer has been applied on the wall.
  • Increases the life of paint.
  • Can be used in interior walls and exterior walls.
  • Adds strength to exterior walls.
  • Instantly repairs old exterior walls.
  • Adds Water Proof properties to the wall to some extent.
  • Restricts growth of algae and fungi on the walls.
  • Best friend of the paint.

For better results, it is recommended to primer paint the bare walls before applying wall putty. This will help in covering small holes and minor cracks. Not just what is wall putty , you will understand why wall putty, while reading this informative article.

Disadvantages of Wall Putty

  • Need the skill to apply Wall Putty.
  • To get the proper finish, repeated sanding of wall putty is required.
  • As it is White Cement, may set fast.
  • Failed Wall Putty application cannot be repaired. You have to scrap and redo the whole process.
  • High End, the undulation-free finish cannot be done. It is very difficult to get that finish.
  • Thick layer of Wall Putty cannot be applied. If done, may develop cracks.
  • Being a cement-based product, the wall may be required to be wet while applying.
  • May develop cracks.
  • The edges of the wall may get damaged with time.

Hope you have got an insight into what is wall putty, its advantages, and disadvantages. In my opinion, when you are planning to paint the outdoor walls, applying wall putty is highly recommended. This will keep your exterior wall paint fresh for a longer time. Additionally will give strength and finish to your exterior walls. As this is an additional layer of cement, wall putty will add to the waterproof properties of the exterior walls.

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The top Wall Putty brands in India are Birla Putty, J K White Putty, Asian Paints Wall Putty, to name a few.

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