Different types of Window Blinds

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Different types of Blinds.

Different types of Window Blinds.
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Window Blind is a wonderful product for furnishing your premises. In European and American countries, window blinds are also know as shades or window shades. Window Blinds in itself are wonderful product, but can also be called as alternate to curtains or drapes.

Since the introduction of Window Blinds, there have been many wonderful launches in this category or segment of the product. In-home improvement, office interiors, home furnishing segment, and window blinds can create beautiful-looking spaces which are equally effective and useful.

In Window Blinds there are numerous features which adds lots of value to the entire product category. We will be discussing different types of window blinds in this article. If you read the complete article you will have a complete idea of different types of window blinds available in the market presently. This article is specially about different types of window blinds in India.

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Most of the blinds can be modified into motorized or remote-operated blinds and can be incorporated into home automation.

Below is the list of different types of window blinds available.

  • Venetian Blinds
  • Wooden Venetian Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Roller Blinds
  • Zebra Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
  • Pleated Blinds
  • Panel Blinds
  • Bamboo Chick Blinds

We will briefly try to explain all the different types of blinds. So let us jump into the segment. Here we will be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of each type of blinds. Let us start.

1. Venetian Blinds – Aluminum, Wooden

What is Venetian Blind ?

Venetian Blinds are the blinds which was first launched in the market. The first window blind is said to have been launched in 17th century. You can know more about window blinds in this article. Venetian Blinds have multiple slates in horizontal format, running from left to right. These slates are mounted on a beautiful thread wave. The wave holds this slates very nicely creating equal gaps and supporting the operating mechanism.

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Venetian blinds have three types of wonderful operating systems :

  • Tilting the slates downward.
  • Tilting the slates upward. Keeping them straight. These two operations are performed by one single tool.
  • Moving the blind slates up or down. In other words opening the blinds to cover the window or closing the blinds to fully open the window.

Advantages of Venetian Blinds

Gives full control of privacy and light control. The blinds can fully block the light and visibility when the slates are tilted fully upward or downward.

The blinds give the power of viewing from the inside, but the person on the other side cannot see anything. This happens when the user keeps the Venetian Blinds slates slightly, not fully tilted downward. In this position, the user will be able to see everything on the other side of the blinds, but people on the other side may not be able to see anything.

These are the major advantages which I think Venetian Blinds has. Incase, you have experienced any other advantage, please do leave a comment below.

Disadvantages of Venetian Blinds

As we are talking about the Venetian Blinds that are made of Aluminum Slates, the main disadvantage of Aluminum Venetian Blinds is that the slates made of aluminum one bent cannot be repaired. Venetian Blinds once deformed cannot be rectified or repaired. Either you change the blinds or you change the slate. Changing the slate is almost impossible.

The second disadvantage is operation. Improper operation can disturb the alignment of your Venetian Blind. You have to learn and understand how to open and close the blinds and also gently tilt the slats of the blind.

2. Vertical Blinds

What is Vertical Blind ?

Vertical Blinds were one of the most popular blinds in the recent past. This may have happened due to the cost and look that is created by Vertical Blinds.

Vertical Blinds have multiple louvers of fabric hanging vertically from top to bottom. The fabric louvers are mounted on a channel. The channel helps in keeping the equal gap between the louvers and operating the Vertical Blinds. The hanging louvers of the fabric have a fabric weight at the bottom end of the louvers. The weight is placed inside a small pocket-type fold at the bottom. To avoid movement of the louvers, all louvers are connected with the help of the bottom chain or fabric chain.

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A wide variety of fabrics are available in the market for Vertical Blinds. Another option for louvers for Vertical Blinds is Polymer or Plastic-type louvers. After the launch of Roller Blinds, Vertical Blinds are now losing their charm.

Advantages of Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are made of textile or fabric. Hanging multiple slates of fabric gives a wonderful look. Here the user can mix and match different colors as per choice and interiors planning. Multiple color combinations can also be created.

The Vertical Blinds also can be tilted, opened, and closed just like Venetian Blinds. The user can fully block the light and visibility by turning the louvers fully closed. The light and visibility can be controlled by tilting the louvers.

Privacy effect can also be created just like Venetian Blinds, but not as good as Venetian Blinds.

Disadvantages of Vertical Blinds

Following are the disadvantages of Vertical Blinds :

  • The fabric may get dirty. Once the fabric gets dirty, the user has to replace the fabric. Washing or cleaning the fabric will crumble and soften the fabric. The washed fabric will not look as good as it use to look when the blinds were new. This happens because the fabric louvers are hardened using some latex or polymer. When washed, the latex or polymer is removed from the fabric, leading to an untidy and crumbled look.
  • The fabric weight at the bottom of the fabric louvers tend to come out of the pocket.
  • The bottom chain gets entangled and disturbed. This mainly happens when the louver weight comes out of the pocket or high-intensity wind or airflow is there in the room.
  • The fabric louvers which are hanged on the top channel also tend to come off due to mishandling or any other reason. All these are handling or maintenance issues. But the user may feel bad due to these issues.

Above are a few disadvantages which I have experienced in Vertical Blinds. If you have some other advantages or disadvantages, do leave your input in the comments sections below.

3. Roller Blinds

What is Roller Blind ?

Roller Blinds is the king of blinds today. Roller Blinds can also be called the zero nuisance window blinds or window covering.

Roller Blinds has a top tube that rolls the fabric on it, there is a bottom tube that holds the fabric straight and gives weight to the fabric. The options of color, texture, print, and type of fabric are humongous.

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Following are the options of fabric in Roller Blinds:

  • Translucent Fabric – Some light can filter and enter.
  • Black Out Fabric – This fabric will create a complete black-out look. No light can cross this type of fabric in Roller Blinds.
  • Sun Screen Fabric – This is one of the finest and most exclusive types of fabric. The Sun Screen fabric with different screening fabrics allows the light to enter the room and give an elegant and exclusive look and feel.
  • Printed Fabric – The fabric is either blackout or translucent and beautiful prints are there on the fabric to give a personalized look.
  • Customized Print Fabric – With the advancement of the printing industry, now you can get your print. You can print your logo, brand, or even your photos and pictures.

Advantages of Roller Blinds

This is one of the finest and no-nonsense blinds. There is minimum hardware in the Roller Blind. As a straight full-length fabric moves up and down, there is hardly anything that may need maintenance.

With such a wide range of fabrics, prints, and options available, you can create any look and feel of the room while using Roller Blinds.

The Roller Blind is capable of creating a full blackout ambiance. It can fully block the outside light. At the same time, you can allow the light to enter by moving the Roller Blinds fabric upward and opening the window partially or fully.

Disadvantage of Roller Blinds

The main disadvantage is that it gives a very straight look to the interiors. The fabric used in the Roller Blinds sometimes tends to sag, giving a very untidy look. Once the fabric sags, the user has no option but to change the fabric or the blind.

In office interiors, normally light shades of Roller Blinds are used. These light shades when gets soiled or gets dirty cannot be cleaned. Only option is to replace the fabric or the blind. However, it will take 3 to 4 years for the blind fabric to get dirty as almost all fabrics are dust guard coated.

Do not forget to leave a comment about your experience of using Roller Blinds. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment and ask.

4. Zebra, Triple Shade, Day Night, Shadow Blinds

What is Zebra Blinds ?

Zebra Blinds or blinds similar to Zebra Blinds are also called Triple Shade Blinds, Day Night Blinds, Shadow Blinds etc. Different manufacturers and companies prefer to call them differently.

Zebra Blinds, as the name says have two types of strips in the fabric. One is the fabric part and another one is the net type part, woven in one fabric. This fabric has a double layer on the blind. When you operate the Zebra Blind, there is a double layer of fabric, when the net fabric comes exactly in front of net fabric the blind allows the light to enter the room and increases the visibility. When the blackout or woven fabric part comes in front of the net part, the fabric blocks the light and also the visibility is blocked. This gives a blackout or isolated look.

This blind can be called the combination of Roller Blind and Vertical Blind.

You can watch this video to understand different types of Window Blinds that is available in the market.

Different types of Window Blinds

Advantages of Zebra Blinds

Zebra Blinds gives the user the power of controlling the light transmittance and privacy. The user can block the amount of light that is required to be blocked. Similarly, can control the privacy as well. When you keep the fabric layer of net of net, you allow 50% light transmittance and more than 50% visibility. By moving the fabric over the net part you can gradually decrease the light transmittance and increase the privacy part.

The blind looks really exclusive and beautiful. There is wide range of prints and design available in Zebra Blinds. Different manufacturers have different prints, colors and designs. The fabric is mostly imported from China. There is a regular introduction of new prints and design in the segment.

Disadvantages of Zebra Blinds

The main disadvantage which I have observed in a Zebra Blind is fabric sagging. Another disadvantage is the net or mesh-type fabric. The thread on the edge of the mesh or net part of the fabric sometimes comes off. Gradually when the thread comes off the net or mesh part of the fabric looks damaged and shabby.

5. Roman Blinds

What is Roman Blind ?

Roman Blinds are somewhat similar to Roller Blinds. The difference is that the fabric has multiple folds or pleats. While operating a Roman Blind you will see multiple pleats and folds in the Roman Blinds. When we open the Roman Blind and the window is exposed or visible, the Roman Blinds fabric gets accumulated on the top in layers or pleats.

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Roman Blinds are mostly used in Home Furnishing, Hotel, and Hospitality Furnishing. In residences, Roman Blinds looks wonderful. Lately, Roman Blinds are now accepted in offices as well.

Advantages of Roman Window Blinds

Roman Blinds give the luxury of a textile look and the advantage of having features and advantages of a window blind.

You can make a Roman Window Blind with any type of fabric or cloth. You can even match it with your sofa upholstery. The Roman Window Blind gives your the flexibility of using curtain cloth or blind fabric.

The Roman Window Blinds can be cover the window fully, partially and then keep your window fully open.

When the thick or heavy fabric is used to make a Roman Blind, you can get the blackout effect which gives you complete privacy and full control over light penetration in the room.

Roman Window Blinds can be easily converted into motorized blinds and can be included in the home automation setup.

Disadvantages of Roman Blinds

If not operated properly, the alignment of Roman Window Blinds can get disturbed. You have to learn and understand the operation of the Window Blind.

Roman Window Blinds will cover a substantial-top part of your window. The pleats that are created will hang over the window and cover a part of the top part of the window.

These are a few advantages and disadvantages of Roman Window Blinds that I have noticed. If you have some questions or input on this, please feel free to comment below.

6. Pleated Blinds

What is Pleated Blind ?

Pleated Blinds are also called Cellular Blinds, Honeycomb Blinds. Pleated Blinds are not the same as Honeycomb Blinds. Pleated Blinds have multiple small pleats which fold and get accumulated near the top channel. When the blind is fully opened and the window is fully visible, the fabric gets accumulated with the top channel in a very small space giving a very smart and tidy look.

The Honey Comb Window Blinds is almost the same in looks but the additional advantage is that Honeycomb Window Blinds gives an additional feature of insulation. The honeycomb design creates air pockets which in turn gives an additional advantage of insulation on the window.

Advantages of Pleated Blinds

Takes very little space when open and when opened and window is visible. The wall coverage width of pleated blinds is almost same or even less than Venetian Blinds.

In Pleated Window Blinds, different types of fabric options like translucent and blackout are available. So we can get both translucent and blackout effects. We can also add two different types of fabrics in one single-blind. We can get the effect of sunscreen, translucent, and blackout effects in one single-blind. The operation mechanism is such that we can accumulate one type of fabric on top and another type of fabric at the bottom.

The Pleated Window Blinds give you great control for privacy and light control. The blind looks premium and upmarket. Can add a lot of value to the space where these blinds are installed.

Disadvantages of Pleated Window Blinds

Pleated Window Blinds are not very common, the possible reason may be the rate of the blind. The blind is a bit pricy.

The pleats of the Pleated Window Blinds get straightened when the blind is kept open for a longer time. Hence, the user has to keep the blinds in a closed-form whenever not in use so that the pleats of the blind do not get straightened.

The user has to operate the blinds gently to avoid misalignment of the blind. If not operated properly the alignment of the blind can get disturbed. You have to learn to gently operate the pleated blind mechanism, especially when dual or two types of fabrics are installed in the blinds.

Will love to have your questions and your experience with pleated blinds in the comment section below.

7. Panel Blinds

What is Panel Blinds ?

Panel Blinds are also known as partition blinds. In Pleated Window Blinds, wide panels of fabric are mounted on a top channel. The channel of the Panel Blind is similar to the channel of Vertical Blind. The panels of Panel Window Blinds are quite wide ensuring proper light blockage and proper privacy. The Panel Window Blinds are best suited for large windows.

Advantages of Panel Window Blinds

As the louvers of Panel Window Blinds are very wide, they cover the window very nicely. The Panel Window Blinds ensures proper light blockage and ensures 100% privacy.

The look of Panel Window Blind is very different than Vertical Blinds. We can say that the blind gives the advantage of being blind and features long-length Curtains or drapes.

Disadvantages of Panel Window Blinds

As the width of the Panels or louvers of the Panel Window Blinds is very wide, they can cover the part of your window when kept in open form.

The Panel Window Blinds have wide panels or louvers. This makes the louvers very heavy, leading to the non smooth movement of the panels. Regular maintenance of the channel is required to ensure smooth movement.

As the fabric used is wide, the problem of fabric getting sagged can be a problem. The wide fabric may sag in humid weather or under improper use.

8. Bamboo Chick Blinds

What is Bamboo Chick Blinds ?

As the name says, the blinds are made using natural bamboo chicks. Some artificial bamboo-type plastic chicks are also used to get the look and feel of a natural bamboo chick. The natural bamboo chicks age fast and are very delicate. To overcome this problem of delicacy, artificial plastic Bamboo Chick Window Blinds have gained some popularity.

The Bamboo Chick Window Blinds normally rolls up when operating. Some Bamboo Chick Window Blinds are made in the format of Roman Window Blinds. They have folding layers which accumulate on the top part of the window.

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Advantages of Bamboo Chick Blinds

The Bamboo Chick Blind is made using natural bamboo parts. We can call this product an eco friendly product.

The Bamboo Chick Blind gives a filtered look. The chicks of the bamboo creates a lovely natural screen type look. You can also get the blackout or privacy shade, you have to put a textile or canvas backing to the Bamboo Chick Window Blind. We can call this backing as privacy liner.

A unique ethnic look can be created with Bamboo Chick Blinds. A resort, outhouse, farmhouse or even your drawing room area will look beautiful when Bamboo Chick Blinds is installed.

Disadvantages of Bamboo Chick Window Blinds

The material used is very delicate. The chicks of the blind can break or get damaged.

The bamboo gets aged or starts looking old very fast. In other words, the life of the blind is limited to 2 to 3 years.

The humidity or moisture can create fungus on the blind which in turn damages the blind. It is recommended to use painted bamboo chicks instead of raw or natural bamboo chicks.

The Bamboo Chick Blinds need to be operated and used very delicately. Improper handling can easily damage the threads and chicks of the Bamboo Chick Window Blinds.

Please feel free to ask your questions and leave your inputs in the comment section below.

Hope you liked the complete information on different types of window blinds. This article has been written keeping in mind the Indian Market.

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