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What is Drywall Partition.

Drywall Partition

What is Drywall Partition

A Small Drywall Partition

Before we start talking about drywall partitions, let us briefly understand what is partition? Partitions are created to bifurcate spaces inside a building. The building can be a house or an office.

The partitions can be created by different means. Normally the partitions are created by brick walls plastered and finished.

What is Drywall Partition Video in Hindi

What is Drywall Partition ?

By the term drywalls, we understand that the wall or the partition has been created where the water has not been used, or the wall has been created by dry means. The drywall can be created in the following formats :

  • Aluminum partition.
  • UPVC partition.
  • Gypsum board partition.
  • Cement board partition.
  • Calcium silicate board partition.
  • Magnesium board partition.

Above are the major dry wall partitions generally used in creating partitions.

In addition to the above few more options are available. They are

  • Plywood partitions.
  • PVC board partitions.
  • Pre laminated board partitions.
  • Block board partitions.
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In this blog, we will not be talking about the above wooden board partitions. We will be talking about the partitions we mentioned earlier, like partitions made by using gypsum board, calcium silicate board, magnesium board, cement board, etc. To complete the topic what is Drywall Partition, we have included the above 4 options.

How is Drywall Partition Made ?

Drywall Hardware Sections
Drywall Profiles and Hardware.

The dry wall partitions are made with the help of metal studs parameters and sections. To make this line simple let us take it like this. The inner structure on which the boards will be installed are made up of metal channels or sections.

Please ignore the technical terms being used in the lines below, they are simply the name of the channel which is used in different areas. So the floor stud section is installed with the help of screws and bolts. A similar stud section is installed on the ceiling or the upper end wherever the partition wall is expected to be finished. On both the walls, the parameter sections are installed. When the outer frame is complete the center supports sections are installed. For creating doors and windows additional frame is created wherever the door or windows are planned. After the framing has been done, the drywall boards are mounted on the frame with the help of drywall screws. Not just what is Drywall Partition, we have included the topic, how drywall partitions are made.

When the metal frame is completely installed the boards are mounted on the frame on both the sides. For better acoustics and sound control glass wool or other paddings are filled between the two boards as required.

For finishing the drywalls, any of the boards mentioned above like Gypsum, Cement, Calcium Silicate or Magnesium Boards can be used. The magnesium board is also known as MGO board.

If you are from the industry doing drywall partitions and ceilings, the work can be done better with better drywall tools.

Advantages of Drywall Partitions.

For the convenience of reader we will be listing the advantages of dry wall partition in pointers. So here we go.

  • Easy to install easy to remove.
  • Can be installed on areas where there is no load bearing support underneath.
  • Can be finished just like any other wall by painting or wallpapers.
  • Improve the acoustics of the building.
  • The boards used are fire retardant.
  • Doors and windows can be created just like any other wall.
  • These boards are made up of recyclable material.
  • Gives complete flexibility of creating walls to the home owner.
  • Can be used to cover or hide some areas very easily.
  • It is quiet easy to repair the drywall. It is not very difficult.
  • Dry wall partitions made up of calcium silicate or magnesium board can be tiled. In other words, we can install tiles over these boards.

As we all know that every product has its advantages with disadvantages. Hence, let us talk about the disadvantages. The disadvantages of driver partitions are also mentioned in a list format below. The advantages and disadvantages also explain what is Drywall Partition.

  • Not as strong as brick wall.
  • You cannot hang heavy objects on this type of walls.
  • Gypsum board driver partition can get damaged due to water.
  • The joints of the board can we get separated or open up.
  • Life of driver partition is less than the traditional brick wall partition.

We have briefly included all the important topics about what is Drywall Partition. This article will make it easier for you to decide where you want to install the drywall partition or any other partition wall.

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Wherever you need an instant partition wall, where too much of safety is not required you can easily opt for drywall partition. The dry wall partition gives privacy and separation in a very convenient way. Here we have been able to explain what is Drywall Partition.

The drywall partition may not be useful for everyone but this is a wonderful option for creating walls where, a heavy load creating a brick wall, cannot be made. What is Drywall Partition helps you in taking your own decisions?

Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

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