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How to do Anti Termite Treatment.

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How to do Anti Termite Treatment in your house or property.

How to do Anti Termite Treatment.
How to do Anti Termite Treatment

Termites can cause massive damage to your home and many other additional products. In addition to damaging the wooden components of your house or office or any premises termites also damage many other things. So let us learn how to do Anti Termite Treatment.

Few of the things which termites can damage are as below:

  • Documents.
  • Clothes
  • Furnishing
  • Books.
  • Structure
  • Paints and Finishes etc.

To know whether your house has got a termite infection, sometimes is very easy and sometimes it is very difficult. We can say it is good news as well as bad news.

Sometimes the “termite colony” can be seen immediately when they enter your premises. Unfortunately, in many cases the termite starts infecting your house without being exposed or visible to you. They silently enter from your electrical conduits, plumbing pipes, or from inside your walls and directly attack the wooden structures furniture in your house.

Many homeowners ignore when they detect some termite infection in their houses. Ignoring the infection of termite can cause you heavy financial damage and health issues. So my suggestion is, never to ignore the termite infection. Treat the termite infection immediately when it is small or less to protect yourself from getting large scale or high termite infection which can be very difficult to treat. Hence it is very important to learn how to do Anti Termite Treatment.

One very important thing about termites is that they need to connect with the earth. So please take note, that the termite always has a connection with the soil on your ground floor, the earth. If you detect termite on your first floor or any higher floors please note that the infection is already there on your ground floor or basement, if you have one.

The treatment of termites has to start from the ground floor always, to get the best results.

Here are the step by step process of treating your house when you detect termite infection.

How to do Anti Termite Treatment Video in Hindi

Properly inspect the infection.

It is very important to properly understand and inspect the infection of termites in your home or premises. Try to estimate how much infection is there in the house. Looking into the infection in your house, you will be able to understand the possibility of any additional areas where the same infection may have occurred. In many cases, you will also be able to find out the possible reason or channel from which the termites are entering your house or your premises. The inspection of the property will help you in learning how to do Anti Termite Treatment.

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As I have already mentioned that the termite infection starts on the ground floor, so when you detect any infection of termite on your first floor or higher floors, it is clear that there is a termite infection on your ground floor.

Start the treatment from the Ground Floor.

The treatment of termites should always be done from the ground floor, or if you have basements in your house, they should be done in the basement especially. This is so because termite colonies are always there on the earth or soil.

After properly understanding the level of infection you can start the treatment. Here are the things which you will require to start the treatment yourself. If you don’t want to do it yourself please higher professional pest control agency in your area. The things you will require for doing the anti termite treatment.

  • Drill Machine which can hold 6 to 8mm drill bit. If the area is large you may need a heavy duty hammer drill machine .
  • 6 to 8 mm Wall Floor Drill Bit.
  • Air Pump with Tube to inject or pump the anti termite chemical.
  • Anti termite chemical.
  • Water
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Soap for washing yourself after doing the treatment.

Above are the links of products you may need for doing the Anti Termite Treatment. Lean how to do Anti Termite Treatment, and if you can, do the treatment yourself.

Also please change and wash the clothes which you used while doing the treatment.

For doing the drilling on the floor you need to have some experience. If you have never done drilling on walls or floors, either practice it or hire someone to do the drilling.

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Steps to do the treatment:

1. Drill on Floor and Walls

Drilling is the first step for starting anti termite treatment. The drilling needs to be done near the walls. This is so because the termite colony moves along the walls. The drilling can be done on the floor or in areas just above your skirtings. The drilling must be done in such a way that the chemical should be able to reach the maximum depth of your building. After you inject the anti-termite chemical in the holes they will gradually perculate and spread to the floor of your house or premises.

The holes must be drilled in a gap of 2 to 3 feet. The gap can be calculated depending on the intensity of the termite infection. If the termite infection is mild you can make holes every 3 feet. When the infection is intense or high the drilling can be done every 1.5 to 2 feet.

2. Making Anti Termite Chemical and doing the treatment.

The anti-termite chemical must be used as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Here in this blog, we are recommending “Imidacloprid“. Imidacloprid is one of the safest anti-termite pesticides for humans. There is a very little risk while using Imidacloprid for humans. But it is better to be safe than to be sorry. So I suggest you take all precautions while using this chemical and doing the treatment. Imidacloprid 37 to 40% is a good choice. Mix the chemical with water as per the manufacturer’s instruction. Take the chemical in your pump. Now start pumping the chemical inside the holes you have done by drilling. One very important point here is that , you have to do the chemical pumping multiple times in every hole. While you are pumping the chemicals in the holes the chemical will start oozing out. So as soon as the chemical starts coming back, you can stop pumping and start pumping in the next hole. Please repeat this process multiple times in all the holes, so that sufficient chemical is injected into the hole and then which in turn will reach into your floor area.

When you are using Imidacloprid, as your anti-termite chemical you will start seeing the result in the next 7 days. You may feel that the chemical is not working immediately. It takes approximately 7 days to show the results. But the results will be permanent and long-lasting.

3. Seal the holes with white cement or cement putty.

After you have sufficiently injected the chemicals in all the holes, you can leave the holes open for a day or also you can seal the holes immediately with white cement or cement putty. Clean the area thoroughly so that you do not leave marks of white cement or cement putty,

Now you are done with your treatment. If done nicely without leaving any area untouched, we can expect that the termite attack will not happen for the next 5 to 8 years.

Treating Mild or Small Termite Infection.

Sometimes we experience mild or very little termite infection in our premises. When you are sure that the infection is mild or small you can follow the following process to do the treatment.

  • Find the hole from where the termite is coming.
  • Drill that particular hole slightly wider around 6 to 8 mm.
  • Prepare the anti termite chemical as per manufacturers instructions.
  • Pour or pump the chemical in the hole you have done.
  • Seal and cover the hole with white cement or cement putty.

By doing this treatment we can protect ourselves from any future intense infection of termite.

Termite is a massive damager and can give you major losses. I would like to recommend not to take any terminate infection lightly. Rather get the anti termite treatment done immediately.

This article has been written to help the readers to do the termite treatment themselves if they don’t have any professional facility or service available in the area. Doing anti termite treatment may be a cumbersome and hard work. This may not be a Do It Yourself (DIY) for many of us. If you can afford, hire a professional Pest Control Agency. In some areas, professional Pest Control Services may not be available.

My only suggestion while getting the anti termite treatment done professionally, kindly ask your agency to use Imidacloprid for doing the anti termite treatment. This is one of the most effective chemical I have experienced. However, there are many other anti-termite chemicals available in the market and your professional agency maybe knowing more about this. So please talk to them and try to understand the advantage of any other chemical they are recommending.

Would like to caution you, that the anti-termite or pest control agencies try to use cheaper chemicals to make more money. The cheaper chemicals are less effective and your termite treatment may not be as effective as we expect them to be.

Please do leave your questions and comment below.

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I am sure the article you have gone through was worth reading and will be helpful to you to protect your valuables and your house or premises from termite.

Do leave your comments or questions below and also kindly consider sharing this articles with your friends and relatives.

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