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Nano White Kitchen Countertop.

Nano White Kitchen Countertop.

Nano White Kitchen Countertop Review

Nano White Kitchen Countertop
Nano White Kitchen Countertop

In this blog, we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the Nano White Kitchen Countertop. After reading this article you will be able to decide on whether to use or how to use Nano White as your Kitchen Countertop.

A Modular Kitchen is something which we cannot ignore in modern houses. You will agree that all kitchens made in modern houses are in a modular format.

However, modular means an area or a place made in different modules. The name modular kitchen has been used for any standing kitchen with proper storage facility.

White kitchen countertop is in trend presently and looks beautiful when it is new. The options we have for white kitchen counter tops are nano white, acrylic solid surfaces, epoxy, quartz etc.

In this article we will focus on Nano White Kitchen Countertop. Nano White is also known as G5 or G7. We will talk about these codes in some other blog.

What is Nano White ?

Nano white is a crystallized glass which is used as kitchen counter top. This product is very hard and will not absorb any stain or spot. If you get an inferior product, or it is not installed improperly or not taken care properly can create a lot of problem.

Watch this video to see Stains and Scratch Test of Nano White and Quartz.

Video in hindi comparing Nano White with Quartz

Nano White vs Quartz – Testing in Hindi

Challenges with Nano White Kitchen Contertops.

Following are some challenges with Nano White Kitchen Countertops. In general terms we call them disadvantages of Nano White Kitchen Countertop.

For that matter Termite is also a challenge in any household. Never ignore, when you see Termite Infection in your Kitchen or any other place. Get the Anti Termite Treatment done as soon as possible.

Can crack due to impact.

As Nano white is a glass product it tend to crack if any impact is put on this product. In Indian Kitchen, we do lots of crushing and grinding while cooking.

The most popular drink in India is tea, and for preparing Ginger tea we have to crush Ginger to get the flavour of Ginger. The Nano White stone can crack while crushing Ginger. So never perform the ginger crushing on a Nano White Kitchen Countertop.

The user has to be very cautious while doing such activities on Nano white counter top. It is strongly recommended to avoid this type of activity on Nano White Kitchen Countertop. Do that crushing and grinding in some other place.

Can crack if not installed properly.

Nano white can also get crack if the installation of the countertop has not been done properly. Any lose or hollow spot under the Nano White stone may lead to a crack in future. It is seen that the cracks develops from near the sink or inserted cooking hob areas.

So make sure that the installation of Nano White stone is done very firmly and with lot of caution and intelligence. No hollow spot or loose points must be left under the nano white kitchen countertop.

Difficult to cut.

As I already mentioned that Nano white is a crystallized glass product so it is not very easy to cut and work on Nano White.

Any stone installer will face lot of difficulties in handling this product. Nano White cannot be cut or handled just like a stone because it is a crystallized glass.

A different set of intelligence tools and cutting blades are required to cut and work with Nano white.

Modular Kitchen with White Countertop
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Edges can chip off.

It is always recommended to handle the edges with a lot of caution and intelligence because a lot of chipping can happen on the edges of Nano White.

While working on Nano White stone extra care has to be taken while working on edges and joints. The edges and joints of nano white stone tend to chip off and will look very bad and ugly, specially after the Kitchen starts getting used.

Scratch marks cannot be repaired.

Nano white is a very hard product and will not take any scratches or stains normally. Unfortunately if some scratch is there on this product it is almost impossible to get rid of that scratch it will stay there forever. Any sharp edge product can create a scratch mark on your Nano White Kitchen Countertop.

Sometimes takes Hazy Stains.

However Nano White is a very hard product, it is a crystallized glass, so it will not take any liquid or absorb any liquid material. It has been observed that, on Nano White Kitchen Countertop there are a lot of hazy type surfaces near the kitchen sink or on the extreme backsplash wall areas.

As far as I understand, those stains are of fluoride or chemicals that are present in the water which gradually creates a layer over Nano White Kitchen CounterTop.

You will have to keep Kitchen Cleaning Items handy to maintain the White Kitchen Countertop.

Advantage of Nano White.

Looks beautifully White.

The color white this product gives you is really very beautiful. I think that is the reason why people prefer and likes Nano white so much for their White Kitchen.

When a user needs white kitchen countertop, Nano White is in high demand and trend.

Will not take Normal Stains.

Nano white is a crystallize glass product, so it will not stain easily. Suppose you spill some turmeric mixed liquid or tea or coffee, there are a lot of chances that all these spillages will not be taken by Nano white counter-top.

Mopping and cleaning is relatively easy.

After performing your kitchen duties, it is relatively very easy to clean the surface of Nano white kitchen countertop.

Only challenge is that the surface being white, anything left out or a layer of some oil or liquid which you cannot remove will be clearly visible. In other words Nano White will force you to keep the kitchen sparkling clean. The better you maintain the longer and better life you will get from this beautiful product called Nano White, G5 or G7.

Nano white kitchen countertop is not for a rough and tough kitchen, this product needs gentle handling.

Stays White.

When we want white we want that product to stay white for a longer period. All of us know that any white product needs lot of care and attention. Nano white is also not different from that. You will have to take care of this product considering all the above disadvantages. Take the disadvantages as care instructions of Nano White.

The good news is that Nano White if taken care properly will stay white forever.

Disclaimer or additional Caution.

Sometimes the top surface of Nano white is not of that good quality, so it gradually absorb some dirt and stains and being in white colour those dots and stains give a very bad look. This happens only when you get an inferior quality or second grade product.

It is very necessary to mention here that Nano white is not a bad product if taken care and installed properly, also you get the right quality. If you are very keen to go for a white countertop Nano white is one of the best products for such applications.

Please leave your comments below. Will be very glad to see your additional inputs and opinions on this.

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  1. Never place nano on kitchens top ,it gets cracks very easily specially at sink and burner area,I have got cracks within one month

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