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20 Top Home Decor Mistakes.

20 Top Home Decor Mistakes, we must avoid.

It is always better to have a decorated space than a cluttered space. Home looks beautiful when the home owner decides to keep it decorated and tidy rather than not taking care of your home interiors. In this block we will be talking about top 20 Top Home Decor Mistakes, which we can avoid.

So without wasting any time let us directly jump into the top home decor mistakes.

20 Top Home Decor Mistakes

1. Too much storage space.

“Whatever space you have that will be filled.”

This is a golden line as far as storage is concerned. More space you have the more material or clutter get stored. This does not mean that you should not have storage space. We can try to have minimum storage space in our home so that the clutter and useless material does not get accumulated.

Unplanned and excessive storage space.

2. Very less storage space.

Just opposite to the above point is not having any storage space. In modern builder constructed apartments the developer or builder provides extremely low storage space. As humans we have to have some storage space. We have to store daily need items and also dresses for different seasons and so many other items which are necessary for a smooth and comfortable living. So we should not forget to plan proper storage space, but keep in mind it should not be too much.

When we do not plan proper storage space, the necessary items are stored in not that good way. This improper storage may help in destroying the look and feel of your beautiful home. Among the 20 Top Home Decor Mistakes this is the one which we must take care of.

3. Improper Ventilation.

Fresh air and ventilation is very important in any living space. While decorating any space, if your apartment or room is in such place where Ventilation is difficult, we must make all effort to ventilate the space and bring in the fresh air to the area. Never ever block the natural ventilation which can give you lot of positive energy and a beautiful looking space.

4. Electrical switches and points in wrong place.

Whenever you are constructing a new house or renovating your house give some time in planning the electrical switches and electrical points. In modern living we use so many gadgets and appliances,. All these gadgets and appliances will require electricity supply for charging or operating. Similarly for a comfortable living we will require switches which can be used conveniently. So having electrical points and switches in wrong place can be a headache to the user. Always spend some time in planning these switch and power points.

Improper electrical planning

5. Less electrical points.

In the case of electrical points and switches it is better to have more than having less. So make sure that you have sufficient electrical points and switches in your space. Spare some time, think over your requirement. Whenever you are confused, here or there, get them in both the places.

In Hindi we say “Yaha lagaye ya waha…to dono jagah pe laga lena behtar hota hai.”

Take care of this one of the 20 Top Home Decor Mistakes.

6. Floor level of bathroom higher than living area.

When your bathroom is at a higher level than rest of your area you will have a problem of water flowing into your living space from the bathroom. This water overflowing may happen while using the bathroom or in case of some plumbing issues. It is always better to keep the bathroom floor level slightly down from the rest of the area.

Bathroom needs to planned properly

7. Faulty depression of floor of bathroom.

After having the bathroom floor level slightly down from the living area floor, another problem is the water flow level of the bathroom. While finishing the flooring of your bathroom please make sure that the water flowing direction is towards the drainage pipe. It has been observed that the tile installer does not take care of this. The water flow level are given in wrong direction and water accumulation becomes a permanent problem in the bathroom.

This makes bathroom cleaning and maintenance a major headache for the home owner.

8. Trying to match colour combination everywhere

Contrast is the king in interior decoration. Do not try to match your interiors in the same colour palette. Try to create some variation playing with the contrast color combination. The contrast colours highlights different aspects and objects of your home decor.

Matching everything may make your interiors look period, outdated and boring.

9. Oversized or large and heavy furniture.

Size of the furniture is very important in any home decor. In some areas large and heavy furniture may look good. In some other spaces small and trendy furniture will look good. This depends on the size and area of your home. This also depends on the decor concept that has been considered while planning the space. A very simple rule is that small and trendy furniture will look good in small species. In large spaces we can think of having heavy looking furnitures.

10. Under size or very small size furniture.

This topic has already been covered in above point. Just to add to the above point, it is not necessary that a furniture which is small and trendy will look good in all spaces. The size of the furniture must complement the area, the decor and the requirement of the user.

There is no rule book. In some places we may need some large furniture.

Furniture makes everything convenient

11. Having variety of furniture without theme.

This of course is a very important point. Always keep in mind the theme and concept of your decor. Please do not use any type of furniture. The furniture should go with the theme and concept of your decor. Please do not pick different variety of furniture. Always consider the concept, look and feel of the furniture in your space.

12. Over size dining table.

Dining Tables is a compulsory piece of furniture. But think befor you buy. It will be used only three to four times a day but will occupy the space always.

The home owner just buy the dining table without considering the available space in the home or the place where the dining table is supposed to be placed. The dining table is a furniture which occupies lot of centre space in your home. Always be double sure before buying a dining table. Heavy and large size dining table may look good in large species but in small apartments it can eat up lot of space of your lovely living area.

13. Improper light planning.

Lighting is one aspect of home decor which can make or break the interiors. In modern interior design light plays a very important role. Light is not used just to get rid of the darkness but it is being used to enhance and highlight the design theme of any space. It is very important to consider all aspect of lightings.

14. No space for keeping shoes and joinery items

Not having space for keeping shoes and joinery items is a big challenge in any home interior. A beautifully decorated home where there is no space for keeping the shoes will always keep that space untidy unarrange and cluttered. The scene of shoes and slippers lying all over the space is very bad.

Similarly not having a space for keeping cleaning items like broom, mops and other joinery item is also very bad. So please make proper plan for keeping the shoes and joinery items. You know that we all have multiple shoes and slippers these days.

Proper place for keeping the shoes is very important.

15. Cluttered wall hangings and photos.

Some of you may love to have lot of wall hangings paintings and frames on your walls. Depending on your personal choice you may have lot of wallframes. I will suggest you to plan these wall hangings and frames in advance. Putting on unplanned wall hangings in frames all over the space will give it a cluttered and crowded look. The wall decor can make or break your interiors.

16. Seepage in walls.

We all know that we cannot control seepage and damp coming on the walls. But not attending to the seepage will cause structural damage and spoil your decor. It is important to find the source of seepage in your space and take corrective actions.

Till the time we are not able to find or resolve the seepage issue we should always consider covering or hiding the seepage area through different modern solutions which are available in the market to cover the damp wall. Please take note that this is not a permanent solution but it temporary cosmetic alternative.

17. Ignoring the flooring of the house.

Another very important home decor element is flooring. A beautiful looking flooring will immediately enhance the look and feel of the space. Not having a decent flooring is a very big mistake in interior designing. There are many options available in flooring these days. There are two types of flooring options:

By hard flooring we mean marble granite vitrified tiles or any stone or permanent type of flooring which needs masion work.

By soft flooring we mean the flooring which can be installed and removed easily. Wooden flooring, Vinyl flooring, SPC flooring, carpets etc. comes under the category of soft flooring.

18. Using Granite as Indoor Flooring.

Granite is a hard stone. Granite is also a very good stone for flooring. But personally I do not like granite flooring as flooring in homes. Installing granite floor in homes or living spaces will create a hard look and feel. I will prefer marble rather than granite for residential areas.

Yes for commercial spaces, staircases and open areas granite is a wonderful flooring option. In homes we need a soft and cool and comfortable look. Granite will not be able to provide that soft and cooling feel to the interiors of your home.

19. Falling in love with old and non useful items.

Everyone has emotions, we all get emotionally attached to living and nonliving objects. It is always better to keep emotions reserved for living things specially your family. Rest everything else maybe decided in some other way.

So I will recommend to get rid of old and non useful items lying in your homes and extra storage spaces which you have in your premises. Do not fall in love with old and non useful items. They make your spaces cluttered and untidy. A little extra breathing space in your room will add lot of positive energy.

Also someone may be looking for the item that is lying in your basement or shaft storage. Go get rid of that item, now.

20. Unplanned Drapes, Curtains or Blinds.

The grace of the home comes from drapes. This is a line which I heard from some of the experts in home decor.

Never ignore drapes like curtains, blinds or for that matter any type of Window Covering.

Now a days you have a wide selection for your drapes. Curtains and curtain hardwares in different options area available.

Different Types of Window Blinds.

There is an extremely wide range of window blinds. In addition to the different types of Window Blinds, the fabric, colour and designs are also available in a whopping wide options.

Not considering and giving proper thought in deciding upon curtains, blinds, window blinds can make your beautiful home, not that beautiful.

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